To order patches:

  • We only accept payment via the PayPal links below.
    • PayPal has it’s own help section, please refer to their faq’s and help when interacting with their site.
  • After submitting your order, you will need to send a completed, corresponding trail question sheet to
      • For large groups, only one question sheet needs to be submitted!
  • We do not ship internationally!  We only ship to U.S. based PayPal accounts to U.S. addresses (including military addresses!)
    • Please forgive us, but for now, we can only support domestic transactions!  At some point this may change.
    • Please ignore the “Ship internationally” on the PayPal page!  This is a glitch provided by PayPal and we cannot remove it!
  • You can order patches for multiple hikes at the same time!  Use the PayPal “continue shopping” link to come back to this page and select others! (A completed question sheet will be required for each hike!)
  • Costs
    • All Patches are $2.00 / patch (you can order multiples)
    • Shipping cost is $6.00, regardless of the number of patches ordered
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