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Camps: A Camp site on the WWW should be maintained primarily to inform members and others about: (a) important events occurring within the Camp; (b) programs and projects undertaken by the Camp and its members; (c) other special SUVCW related information about activities within the Camp; (d) links to Camp and Department officers who can respond to public requests for information or support; (e) the meeting time and place of the Camp. A Camp must provide a link from its site on the WWW to the Department web site and optionally to the National web site. Camps-at-Large must provide a link to the National Web Site. Camps that do not maintain their sites by ensuring current listings of Camp officers, Camp listings, etc., may have their return link established by and existing on the Department WWW site deactivated. Such deactivation will remain until the Camp has updated its WWW site and informed the Department Webmaster that the site has been updated.